Some Best Practices in Three Roll Mill

March 4, 2023

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• The three roll mill is normally supplied completely assembled. When removing the mill from the shipping container, take special care to prevent marring the working surfaces of the rolls. Unblemished roll surfaces are critical to the proper functioning of the mill.
• Before the mill is operated, it should be bolted in place. A solid base is required, especially for production size models. When the mill is leveled and bolted in place, wiring and installation of electrical control components must be done by a qualified electrician.
• The apron’s take-off knife has a sharp cutting edge and should be handled with care. When correctly positioned, the knife is contacting the roll just above the centerline and is perfectly parallel to it.
• Perform testing to determine the ideal gap setting for your specific product in order to maximize throughput without sacrificing dispersion quality. • Do not run the mill dry. When product has almost run through, open the rolls and disengage the apron.
• Do not wear loose articles of clothing or any accessories that can get caught in the rolls.
• Roll journals are equipped with ball or roller bearingslatest company news about Some Best Practices in Three Roll Mill  0. It is good practice to lubricate the bearings on a monthly basis.