The working content of the three-roll mill

June 1, 2022

The working content of the three-roll mill

The three-roll mill is a very effective grinding and dispersing machine for high-viscosity raw materials. It can be used in the grinding of liquid slurry and mud-like raw materials such as various paints, printing inks, colorants, plastics, skin care products, soaps, porcelain, plastics, etc. So how much do you know about the work of a three-roll mill?


The three-roller grinder achieves the actual effect of grinding according to the surface of the three horizontal rollers squeezing each other and the friction at different rates. The roller material of the three-roll mill is chilled aluminum alloy pig iron or ceramic. The actual work content is as follows:


1. Preparation:

①Check whether the parts of each component and the clamping are normal, add grease according to the legend, and connect to the switching power supply

②Adjust the upper, lower, left, and right spindles to check whether the hot-rolled strip linkage is normal

③Eliminate the dirt on the roller surface: Scrub with soft paper or clean cotton yarn, loosen the handle of the baffle plate

④Adjust the gap between the front and rear rollers and the middle roller to 0.5Mm, then turn on the power and idle for 1-2min.


2. Technical specifications at work:

①After running, adjust the gap between the middle and rear rolls to 0.3Mm, clamp the baffle plate, add slurry appropriately, estimate the depth of coloring, adjust the rear rollers so that the coloring is evenly covered with hot-rolled strip, Tighten the fixed nut.

② Adjust the main shaft of the front roller with both hands at the same time, so that the front roller slowly touches the middle roller. After the surface of the roller is evenly colored, clamp and fix the nut, and then adjust the viewing angle of the material plate so that it is properly squeezed on the surface of the roller. , the slurry can be discharged evenly. Check the uniformity of the feed and the particle size distribution of the finished product, and adjust the front and rear left and right rollers again until the particle size distribution of the finished product meets the predetermined requirements. The front, back, left, and right should be immediately returned to the feeder scraper.


3. After termination at work:

Remove the architectural paint and clean it immediately, wipe the hot-rolled steel strip and related components, loosen the scraper and baffle, apply a little car oil, and then cover the wrapping paper for maintenance.


4. common problem:

①The surface of the hot-rolled strip is prohibited from being bumped and scratched, and all kinds of internal metal objects and hard dirt are prohibited from entering the running hot-rolled strip.

②Hot-rolled strip operating temperature range: general type: -5℃~100℃

Heating type: 20℃~220℃

③The normal running time of roller and roller: gap range: (reference) middle and rear roller gap: 0.02~0.25Mm

Middle and front roller gap: 0.01~0.25Mm

④The peak angle of the partition is prohibited from being damaged, and the contact stress with the hot-rolled strip surface should be moderate during adjustment.

The above is the relevant introduction of the work content of the three-roll mill. If you have other questions or needs about the three-roll mill, please come to consult Zhongyi Technology, and we will provide you with professional solutions.