April 1, 2020


The solution to improve the concentration of color areas for LED


LEDs are widely used in domestic / commercial indoor lighting, display screen, landscape lighting, outdoor screen, street lamp and other market segments. The process requirements for high-end LEDs are: mixing of early materials + vacuum defoaming, and fine grinding and dispersion in the later stage.




ZYE Mixer and Three-roll-mill meet the production process requirements of high-end LED, effectively solve the problem of diffusing powder agglomeration, and fine condensation of glue and improve product‘s consistency. The specific solution has been applied to most benchmarking enterprises in LED packaging industry.


  • Production Routing


1. Pre-mixing (glue B + diffusing powder), mother liquor is obtained 2. Grinding the mother liquor 3. Glue A+ phosphor powder+mother liquor, mixing and vacuum defoaming


    Dispersion diagram of diffusion powder                                     Dispersion diagram of gel blocks



The three roller grinding process is added to the material process routing, which effectively reduces the agglomeration of diffusion powder and the fine condensation of glue, and improves the material‘s consistency and product‘s concentration.