Electronic paste

April 1, 2020

Electronic paste

                                                       Electronic Paste


ZYE Planetary Centrifugal Mixer:

It is used for the premixing of metal powder, glass powder and organic carrier as well as the mixing and defoaming of the finished slurry. Although the slurry ratio, viscosity and material composition of each manufacturer are different, the best mixing and defoaming effect can be achieved by setting the speed of revolution and rotation of ZYE's dual motor homogenizer respectively.

                    Before mixing                                                      After mixing


Excellent temperature control ability of ZYE Mixer:

The rotation speed of traditional equipment is high, which leads to the material temperature rising greatly. ZYE Planetary Mixer can achieve excellent temperature control while ensuring mixing effect by separately controlling the speed both of rotation and revolution; (the above picture comes from the real case of a foreign end-user: material temperature / room temperature 25 ℃, 28 ℃ after mixing)


ZYE high precision three roller machine:

For precious metal slurry, such as silver slurry and platinum slurry, the high-precision three roller machine is the best dispersion equipment; compared with the traditional three roller machine, the high-precision machine has higher dispersion accuracy and higher stability.


When the silver powder is fully dispersed, the morphology of silver powder will not be damaged, which is important for the electrical properties and stability of silver slurry.


In the long-term production process, the gap is 15-8 μm, the high speed of 400 rpm is maintained, and the operation of the equipment is stable; (the above data comes from a photovoltaic slurry customer in China)