April 1, 2020


                                                   Dispersion of lipstick

Both the fine particles and the coarse particles in the lipstick have higher percentage content because some particles may be dispersed repeatedly due to the dispersing force, while others are not dispersed at all.

The three roller machine is the most effective dispersion equipment. The reduction of particle size and dispersion of the agglomerated blocks are accomplished by the combined rolling force between the roller of the three roll mill and the high shear force caused by different roller speeds. Because all materials are filled into the roller spacing, the particle size is accurately controlled and narrow distribution. By adjusting the roller spacing, the particle size can be easily and accurately processed to the micron level. Therefore, compared with other grinding equipment, the three roller machine can effectively improve the particle size distribution and make the particle size distribution more centralized.

Introduction of cosmetics dispersion solution

Sketch map of lipstick production process


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Effect comparison before and after mixingr

Grinding lipstick on three roll machine


Ø Problems in the preparation:1. Pigment grinding, because the pigment is mostly powdery, although the particles are fine, it is difficult to disperse the pigment directly into the oil matrix because it often gathers into blocks. Therefore, the pigments used should be ground in advance. In order to make the grinding smooth, it is often necessary to add a small amount of liquid oil to the pigment to mix, and then use mechanical grinding. 2. The colorant is mixed with the oil matrix. Generally, the dye is first added into the solvent for heating and melting, then the ground pigment and wax raw materials are added, and then the semi-solid oil is added after melting, and the mixture is even, and the grinding is carried out while the heat is hot; after degassing, the auxiliary materials such as spices are added.

Ø Case:Color Lipstick - ingredient (added quantity W%)

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Ø Process Routing::by using the ZYE mixing and grinding technology, the oil, wax, softener, pigment, fragrance and other materials are fully mixed in a high-speed nonintervention way, and then the agglomerates are grinded and dispersed by the high shear force of the physical method, the fineness is further improved, and the coating effect is more delicate.